• This is the AP course taught for Junior English following the guideline set forth by the College Board. At the end of the year, students take the AP Test for college credit.
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  • Twelfth grade students will build upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the earlier grades in a more refined and sophisticated way. The emphasis in literature will be the British tradition. Students will master the following: in-depth analysis of literary patterns and arguments, historically and culturally significant works of literature that reflect and enhance their studies of history and social science, well defined and tightly reasoned compositions of a variety of genres, focused and coherent presentations that demonstrate solid reasoning, oral presentations that connect personal experiences to broader literary themes.

    In this class, we will also be completing your Senior PACE.  To help with that, Mr. Archibald has created a Senior Pace Website that holds material for you.  You should take a look at it when you have the chance as this class will make frequent use of it.